Covid-19 Resources

We will be adding resources about Covid-19 for people working in cardiovascular care, as they come to hand and are approved by the CSANZ NZ Executive.

CSANZ Members should refer to recent email communications from the President-Elect Clara Chow and President Len Kritharides about resources available on

The  COVID-19 resources website includes links to local and international resources, webinars and journal websites. You are encouraged to contribute to this resource. Send your suggested links to Martha McCall.

Curated journal articles will soon be freely available, as well as a password-protected site for confidential sharing of ideas and documents without widespread dissemination.

CSANZ is committed to supporting its members and the wider community during this time.

Recent links:

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British Advice Re Prioritisation

Troponin and BNP use in Covid-19 ACC ‘Latest in Cardiology’ article (18 March 2020)

19 March: Advice to continue potentially lifesaving medications

To clarify some information that has been circulating in the media, the unifying message from experts in hypertension, renal and cardiac disease is DO NOT DISCONTINUE potentially lifesaving medications because of Covid-19 concerns. We must continue to optimise cardiac co-morbidities as per usual practise, and strive to keep these often vulnerable patients out of hospital.
For further information, see
What people living with heart conditions should know about coronavirus

Position statement of the ESC Council on hypertension on ACE-Inhibitors and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers