Heart Failure Working Group

Dr Daniel Chan is the co-Chair of the Heart Failure Working Group along with Daman Kaur.

The group aims to bring together all stakeholders involved in the care of patients with heart failure including clinicians, heart failure nurse practitioners and specialists, gerontology nurses, GPs, practice nurses and palliative care specialists from the whole of New Zealand.

The group, with funding assistance from the Society’s Trust, has been instrumental in establishing New Zealand Heart Failure Registry to measure evidenced-based clinical outcomes. The goal of the Registry is to improve the management of heart failure patients by:

  • Providing data to characterise existing and evolving practice management, delivery of care, and resource utilisation in the management of heart failure.
  • Providing data to support internal and external standards, and benchmarking of treatment patterns and patient outcomes.
  • Allowing analysis of data collected in the Registry to address unanswered clinical questions.

The Registry compiles real national clinical outcome data and long term data for future evaluation. As a consequence, it will enable us to improve the care of all New Zealanders with heart failure.

Note that Heart Failure working group-member only information can be accessed via a password on the members only page.