Report from 2024 Amjad Hamid Traveling Scholarship Recipient: nurse member Debbie Chappell

Dr Amjad Hamid
Dr Amjad Hamid

Amjad Hamid Traveling Scholarship 2024 to attend CSANZ 2024 in Christchurch

I was grateful to attend CSANZ 2024 conference in Christchurch with the support of this scholarship. I work as a nurse specialist–heart failure in a rural area, for Cardiology, Waikato Hospital.

CSANZ this year was excellent.  I felt a positive vibe throughout the conference with the different cardiology specialities coming together as a team rather than individually.

The heart failure sessions focused on the rapid up-titration of HF medications beginning at the hospital bed and continuing in the community. The aim is to have patients up-titrated on all their medications within six weeks, but not all patients will qualify for this. The clinical sessions were excellent also. A realistic approach for assessing patients’ with breathlessness and heart palpitations was provided with practical advice being shared. 

Allied Health and Nurse Award presentations shared an insight into the current health climate we are all facing throughout New Zealand. They led to some self-reflection and inspiration to review how my nurse-led clinics worked and do they meet the needs of all patients.

I appreciated the opportunity to visit Christchurch and enjoy their new conference facilities. Christchurch has remained resilient throughout all the challenges it has been dealt. We were all reminded of the need to stay strong and support our patients both in the rural and urban areas. We are all struggling in the current financial climate but together as a team we can make a difference for cardiology patients.

Thank you CSANZ for the Amjad Hamid Travel Scholarship and I encourage anyone working in the rural setting to apply in the future.

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