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On behalf of the New Zealand Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation Working Group (NZCPR), welcome to the NZCPR web page.

The NZCPR Group meets once a year at the CSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting, has telephone conferences three times a year, and aims to meet as smaller regional groups at least two-yearly for professional development days.

On this page you will find news and information about:

Current Projects

April 2017 Update

The NZCPR working group is currently leading (with input from the wider heart health community) and advising the New Zealand Regional Cardiac Networks and CSANZ in implementing:

  1. Key Performance Indicators*
  2. Minimum standards

* As part of a Northern Regional Alliance (NRA) initiative, a small working group has developed a pragmatic/straightforward approach to collection of CR data in New Zealand. The NZCPR working group has secured funding for the first two years and aims to have it implemented by all CR groups using the ANZACS-QI platform. This will allow the working group to benchmark and compare referral and uptake of CR across New Zealand. The second phase of this work will be to link the NHIs of those referred versus not referred and attended versus not attended, to national data sets to give more understanding of mortality benefits of CR, medication adherence, etc.

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Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for the New Zealand Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation Working Group

  • To maintain a network of health professionals, across disciplines and the healthcare environment, involved in promoting heart health, cardiac disease prevention and rehabilitation.
  • To provide a conduit for information exchange among members.
  • To promote and support professional development through conferences, workshops, scientific meetings and publications.
  • To encourage professional collaboration and research to increase our understanding of the most effective and efficient models of cardiac prevention programmes that are suitable for NZ communities.
  • To promote throughout the wider community, an awareness and understanding of the values and benefits of preventing and managing cardiac and cardiovascular diseases.
  • To advocate and influence public policy in matters related to heart health and the resourcing of interventions shown to improve access to effective cardiac prevention programmes.
  • To foster links with other agencies that have similar interests both nationally and internationally.

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Working Group Members

Cate Shepherd Waikato DHB (Chair)

Renee McEwing CMDHB (Co-Deputy Chair)

Julia Reynolds WDHB (Co-Deputy Chair)

Cathy Gasparini ADHB

Elaine Crighton WDHB

Maureen Spurway TDHB

Leanne Barclay SDHB

Lisa Smith WCDHB

Katherine McLean CMDHB

Kathy Patrick SCDHB

Jean Harris Central PHO

Ruth Davison CDHB

Pat Woodward WDHB

Jodene Hewlett WDHB

For more information, or if you would like to be on our mailing list, please contact

Cate Shepherd

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May 2018 NZ Cardiac Support and Secondary Prevention Core Components

Useful Links

New Zealand Heart Foundation

The Heart Foundation works closely with health professionals to share evidence-based guidelines, materials and resources to support quality practice and heart healthcare. They also run a number of courses to help with your professional development.

American Heart Association Guidelines

Clinical Performance and Quality Measures for Cardiac Rehabilitation

European Society of Cardiology Guidelines

ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines

Prevention and Rehabilitation Consensus and Position Papers

Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association (ACRA)

Core Components of Cardiovascular Disease Secondary Prevention and Cardiac Rehabilitation

British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation 2017

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Cardiac Rehabilitation (British)

Information for Healthcare Professionals

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