Congratulations to Dr Martin Stiles

Congratulations to New Zealand Waikato-based Fellow of the Society Dr Martin Stiles who is the new Chair of the CSANZ Scientific Committee.

Dr Stiles receiving a plaque acknowledging his Scientific Programme leadership at CSANZ2022
Professor Clara Chow presents a plaque to Dr Martin Stiles for Convening the CSANZ2022 Scientific Program

Dr Martin Stiles convened the Scientific Program for this year’s CSANZ 70th Annual Scientific Meeting in Gold Coast. The meeting was organised by a New Zealand group lead by Dr Mayanna Lund and Dr Stiles. You can read about the meeting in news items on the CSANZ Australia website here.

From the Waikato, Martin was interviewed recently about the Kudos Science Awards. He is one of the previous medical science category winners of these Awards for his work on atrial fibrillation. Martin talked to Jesse Mulligan about how the awards help to encourage young scientists in their fields. You can catch up with the ten minute interview on the Radio New Zealand website here.